Customer Testimonials


Jennifer, McClean, VA (5 Stars)

"Trey did a fantastic job! We booked a half day with him and he was  awesome, really worked hard to keep us on the fish, and was super  proactive in keeping fresh bait on our hooks to keep reeling them in. We  would definitely book with him again"

Melissa, Boston, MA (5 Stars)

"On a visit down from Massachusetts we booked a trip with Captain Trey to  check out the famous Florida fishing scene. He did not disappoint! The  rods were bent all morning with fish after fish. Captain Trey got us on  at least ten different kinds of fish from snook to snapper to trout.  After the plethora of fish, he then took us on a hunt for redfish.  Except it was no hunt, Within minutes, Capt Trey had hooked up with  monster redfish after monster redfish. It was a day I'll never forget!  Capt Trey is professional and knows the waters and fish like I couldn't  believe. I highly recommend a trip with him for a amazing day of  fishing!"

Chris, Clearwater, FL (5 Stars)

"I was fortunate enough to get to spend Father's Day with my son, brother  and nephew on the water with Capt. Trey. We had an absolute blast and  Trey put us on the snook and kept us there all afternoon. I would  recommend you book now while the bite is still hot and this young man  will wear you out with fish! Thanks again Capt. Trey is was a Father's  Day we won't soon forget and we look forward to doing it again soon!"

Roland, Tampa, FL (5 Stars)

"Trey is a great Captain knows right where all the fish are period we limited  out on trout early on and then moved over and he got me literally hooked on snook caught my first one and many more to follow period I  could not have imagined a better time on the water. This exceeded all of  my expectations and dreams what a great fishing trip would be. Thank you Trey for everything it was a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life."

Michael, Valrico, FL (5 Stars)

"Captain Trey knows how to put you right on the fish. We had poles in the  water and fish in the boat within minutes of getting on the boat.  Captain Trey was patient and professional and looking forward to taking  another trip with him soon."

Richard, Tarpon Springs, FL (5 Stars)

"Captain Trey was an extremely knowledgeable guy. He knew Tampa Bay like  it was the back of his hand. There wasn't a dull moment on our charter  as we caught well over 40 fish."